Pascal Bärtschi, Losinger Marazzi's CEO

Building a partnership based on trust and mutual respect.

"Our suppliers and subcontractors carry out up to 100% of the work on our construction sites, either directly or indirectly. Their contribution is instrumental in meeting our clients' requirements and delivering the commitments that Losinger Marazzi has promised them.

This is why we strive to establish a partnership that is based on trust and mutual respect, to better service our clients. The main thing is to ensure that our respective roles and commitments are clearly identified and adhered to. We seek to involve our partners and allow them to benefit from the improvement initiatives that we undertake in the areas of safety, quality, productivity and the revolution of sustainable construction. We strive to embrace our partners' innovative ideas in these areas to derive benefit for our clients.

We believe in the virtues of competition, to which we are also subject ourselves, as it is a formidable vector of innovation and progress. With our partners in mind, we try to be competitive in a transparent way in keeping with the Bouygues Group's sustainable development strategy, allowing each company to present the qualities of its products and services. We make sincere commitments to our partners in exchange for their loyalty and commitment."