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The objectives are as follows:

  • To call upon an extensive supplier and subcontractor market,
  • To obtain optimal commercial conditions,
  • To establish new partnerships,
  • To forge long-lasting commercial relations with suppliers and subcontractors, which give rise to long-term guarantees and satisfaction,
  • With these preferred partners specifically in mind, Losinger-Marazzi has set up a private domain allowing them to gain an overview of the Group's current commercial activities.

How it works

Step 1 : Suppliers and subcontractors can complete a registration process to qualify as "preferred partners" on our Supplier and Subcontractor database.

Step 2 : All companies that qualify receive secure identification details, which permit them to access this private domain.

Step 3 : Companies log in and use the suggested criteria to search through the list of ongoing projects and work that will be subject to a call for tender.

Step 4 : Equipped with the correct contact details found on the private portal, companies are able to get in touch with the relevant representatives at Losinger-Marazzi.

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