Purchasing Policy

Bouygues Construction's purchasing policy

Improving competitiveness is at the heart of our purchasing policy. In order to ensure we contribute to the company's margins, we use standardization, globalization and internationalization as strategic levers, underpinned by the expertise of our procurement professionnals.

When purchasing supplies and services, we are committed at all times to acting responsibly, in a manner that ensures innovation and sustainability in accordance with the company's overall policy. In order to guarantee client satisfaction, we always adhere to our high quality, safety and environmental standards when selecting products and services.

The mission of Bouygues Construction Purchasing department

The Purchasing department is there to support projects. Anchored at the heart of its operations are the company's clients, suppliers and subcontractors. It provides added value, which is instrumental in meeting the company's objectives, and is recognized for its expertise and universality.

Aim of the Bouygues Construction Purchasing department

Its aim is to be familiar with external information and expertise, to understand internal needs, and to predict and influence market developments so as to offer the most competitive, innovative and sustainable solutions.


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