Purchasing Policy

Eric Bouret, Chief Purchasing Officer Bouygues Construction

With close to 500 highly coordinated employees directly integrated into our worldwide operations, Bouygues Construction's purchasing department is a cross-functional function for all of the Company's businesses.
Our employees present diverse and complementary expert profiles that create value at every stage of the purchasing process. This know-how and this expertise make it possible to propose innovative solutions that contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the Company and to ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage for our entities.
As Bouygues Construction pursues a proactive health and safety policy with the aim of "Zero Accidents", the involvement of our suppliers and subcontractors is essential to meeting our commitments and the expectations of our customers. In France and internationally, they are involved in carrying out our operations with a view to optimising quality and economic performance. Our requirement for our partners is the first step in a relationship of trust that we want to build with them over the long term in order to progress together and meet the challenges of sustainable construction in all our businesses. Because the maintenance of our leading position in our markets depends on our ability to innovate, we are listening to the innovative proposals of our suppliers and we support them in their deployment across the entire value chain of construction, in France and abroad.

The mission of Bouygues Construction Purchasing department

The Purchasing department is there to support projects. Anchored at the heart of its operations are the company's clients, suppliers and subcontractors. It provides added value, which is instrumental in meeting the company's objectives, and is recognized for its expertise and universality.

Aim of the Bouygues Construction Purchasing department

Its aim is to be familiar with external information and expertise, to understand internal needs, and to predict and influence market developments so as to offer the most competitive, innovative and sustainable solutions.


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